Colostrum- a lot of people have seen this product in shops, health food shops, pharmacies and even in supplement stores; people swear by its effectiveness to help build a strong, lean and aesthetic physique. But what is it? What does it do? And most importantly how safe is this to take with a daily diet and exercise regime. Well grab your snorkel, because we are diving in heads first to what Colostrum is and what’s its effects are on the human body

First, Colostrum is known as “Natures first milk” this is the first type of nutrient a new born will receive from their mother to assist and kick start the growing process, because of this; Colostrum has higher protein concentration than milk alone. It also contains powerful antibodies to protect the newborn against disease.

From the early 2000s Colostrum has been scientifically scrutinized and put under the microscope as its potential use as an ergogenic aid to bodybuilders and strength athletes. Since colostrum contains more Protein, minerals and vitamins as compared to Milk (Whey) as well as showing to have an excellent amino acid profile, it has been proven to maybe even more effective than whey alone.

In one study (Antonio et al (2001), The effects of bovine colostrum supplementation on body composition and exercise performance in active men and women. Nutrition, 17: 243-247) It was observed that through dosing of 20g per day of Colostrum coupled with an exercise regime, there was more muscle growth than compared to just intaking whey. With this information two years later another study was released on the effects of Colostrum intake on overall peak power output, with colostrum shining in this study as well.

Colostrum isn’t only used for strength and muscle gain, oh no not at all. Because of the powerful antibodies that are abundant in colostrum it has been shown to lower the risk of upper respiratory tract infections (colds and flus) when compared to whey. This was shown in a study conducted by (Shing et al (2007), effects of bovine colostrum supplementation on immune variables in highly trained cyclists. Journal of applied physiology)

Colostrum also has powerful immunoglobins that are very beneficial to guy health and gut flora. However, if you are lactose intolerant its best you do not supplement with colostrum.

On the downside Colostrum while being very beneficial to health and wellbeing it is one of the most expensive types of protein on the market and should be used sparingly.

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