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MyoBlox is one of the most unique and innovative brands we’ve recently seen come into our stores with the combination of great Marketing, Branding and Product formulations. Pushing the barriers of the norms, MyoBlox has created a great range of products and Skywalk is no exception. Skywalk is a High Energy Cognitive Enhancing Formula or in their words “Nootropic Brain Octane”. With claims such as “Laser Focus” and “Mastermind Ambition” I knew I had to try a full serving and knuckle out a review.

Ingredient Profile!

Much like all MyoBlox products, the formula is contained in a SEMI-Transparent Nutrition Panel with some proprietary blends keeping the mostly the Stimulant Matrix hidden. Now while we’re generally a fan of full exposure when it comes to dosages, Proprietary blends don’t make a product bad, it’s simply a minor chink in the armor. Another similarity to the rest of the MyoBlox range is the 1 or 2 Scoop Serving size. To keep things easier, we’ll be breaking this product down based on the 2 Scoop Serving!

The first “Mastermind Matrix” contains a blend of L-Tyrosine in 3000mg dose and Alpha-GPC standardized to 50% in an 800mg dose. L-Tyrosine has been shown to increase Mental Alertness and Clarity especially under times of stressors(1). When it comes to L-Tyrosine doses its up for debate for clinical dosages as it range from 150-300mg per kg of bodyweight but you have to take into account with these products the synergism between other ingredients so 3000mg is a great hefty dose. Alpha-GPC has been shown to increase a chemical in the brain called acetylcholine that is important for improving Memory & Learning functions(2). Dosing is hard to pinpoint however as there is limited research still on clinical doses.

Now we get into the fun stuff. The “Ambition Matrix” or Stimulant Matrix! This is a little harder to breakdown as unfortunately dosages are hidden in a 870mg Blend but we do know there is 400mg of Caffeine coming from Non-GMO Green Coffee Beans as the main stimulant in the form of the patented RealCafTM. The rest of the 435mg is a combination of Theanine, Hordenine HCl, N-Phenethyl Dimethylamine (or Eria Jarensis), Noopept and Nivadren. Following this is a 10mg serve of Piperine Alkaloids(3) which is derived from Black Pepper to aid with the uptake of these ingredients 


On the side of the Panel there is a little Atom Bomb Picture with the mantra “Get Shit Done”... Skywalk lives up to this. Sitting down with a midday slump of mood and energy, 2 Scoops of Skywalk kicks your ass into gear and gets the fogginess cleared! The claim of Laser Focus is pretty spot on and the energy kick is huge (Mind you with 400mg of Caffeine I’d expect it) and with relatively to zero come down. I felt great while testing but after multiple uses I have found that the sweet spot for me is between 1-1.5 Scoops. Not that 2 Scoops was bad but I’ve found with the combination of other Stimulant use throughout the day this seemed to have the best effects.

How to Use Skywalk & Who Should Use it?

Nootropics and Focus formulas are and probably will continue to be a niche product. It really is for those people who are looking for a during the day energy and focus blend or if you need to nail out some work. Writing or computer work for myself has shown the best effects to get the most out of skywalk. Now while I haven’t used it to train on, I probably wouldn’t bother. Unless you’re after something purely for the energy & focus kick pre-workout, you’re going to miss out on many ingredients for Pumps, Endurance and Muscle Power so it’s not really suited for Pre-Training.

Take Skywalk whenever you need to “Get Shit Done”.



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