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ATP Science Multi Food

ATP Science’s Multi-Food has no gimmicks, no synthetics and absolutely zero bull!

So in a world filled with fakes it’s time to get real!
We have foods filled with an abundance of  enhancers, medicines packed with synthetic ingredients and those Multi-Vitamins you’re popping day and night to help detoxify and improve your vitality… you can bet the majority of them are about as questionable as the real origins of Kim Kardashian’s infamous a**!
What are nutrients?
Nutrients are essential for all means of everyday life and our body uses them day in and day out for the production of:
-         Hair, skin and nails
-          The creation of thousands of red blood cells to transport these nutrients and the ever essential oxygen into every cell in your body
-          The production of white blood cells to fight infection and increase your body’s immune response
-          Those critical electrical impulse signals for optimum brain function and cognitive abilities
-          Your body’s tissues to formulate the orchestra of life by shuttling proteins and fatty acids from organ to organ for the sustainability of life
We are having too much of a “Good Thing”, and this “Good Thing” could be killing us!
Multi-Vitamins were originally foods that where synthesised into a form that could be preserved and taken by soldiers during times of war and by Navy personnel at sea to prevent the issue and fatal disease of Scurvy. 
The big Corporations saw this as a great opportunity to offer these Multi-Vitamins and Antioxidants to the greater public and with it came a giant boom in profits with every man, woman and child taking a daily dose of vitamins. Though they may have meant well back in the day, it is now becoming alarmingly prevalent that the synthetic compounds found in these vitamin supplements are causing more damage than good.
Farming practices are no longer what they used to be, and so the nutrients that where once in abundance are now unfortunately dwindling down and causing many deficiencies in the body, ill health and disease. We have all heard this over and over in the media and out of fear for our health we reach for the vitamins to supplement these deficiencies. However, the body only needs small doses of these vitamins to work effectively like a well-oiled machine!
We are getting way too high a dosage in the equivalent of thousands of milligrams and the effects of having too much of these compounds along with the synthetic make-up of these medications is having devastating affects;
         Vitamin poisoning is becoming ever prevalent causing the release of what is called pro-oxidant, the exact opposite of Anti-oxidants. Pro-oxidants have been proven to lead to cardiovascular disease, neurological disorders and insulin resistance
         Disturbing the natural degradation of neurotransmitters and hormones by competing for drug metabolizing enzymes and detoxification resources
         Inhibition of effective liver detoxification pathways
         Altered DNA function
And many more catastrophic affects!
ATP Science has wanted to correct this epidemic for so long and show people that you still can get real food, in a capsule form that will give you real life changing results without the dangers of synthetic compounds doing all sorts of funky things to your body!
The Multi-Food offers 100% real organic food sources from the best farming practices and natural preservation techniques that Matt has personally searched endlessly for, with absolutely no synthetic compounds, and in the quantities your body needs for perfect synergistic function.
ATP Science’s Multi-Food has no gimmicks, no synthetics and absolutely zero bull! To be super cliché we could say it’s a game changer, but we will leave that up to you…

Zinc benefits:
- Stored within the spleen, muscle, liver, bone marrow and other tissues in high concentrations such as the prostate, skin and retina. It is also in high concentrations in Red and White blood cells for immunity and the transportation of nutrients
- Crucial for the cellular growth and replication of rapidly replicating cells like that of embryotic cells, central nervous system cells, gastrointestinal cells and immune cells such as T cells for thymus health.
- Excellent Anti-oxidant and Anti-Inflammatory properties
Symptoms of Zinc deficiency:
- Gastrointestinal issues, chronic diarrhoea, recurrent yeast and bacterial infections
- Alopecia, dermatitis and rough skin
- Poor wound healing and low immunity
- Growth retardation (related to protein metabolism)
- Male hypogonadism
- Mental lethargy
Contraindications of Zinc use:
Zinc should not be administered in the same dosage as Copper or iron as these will inhibit the absorption, if you are taking Copper and iron supplements have these at a separate time of day to the Zinc, this is why Iron and Copper has been left out of the Multi – Food.

Selenium benefits:
- Powerful Anti-oxidant
- Assists in the regulation of thyroid hormone conversion
- Assists in the conversion of T4 to T3
- Excellent aid in many metabolic pathways
Symptoms of Selenium deficiency:
- There is an association between low levels of selenium and low levels of T3 plasma status
- Myositis (metabolism and inflammation of muscle tissue)
- Whitening of fingernail beds
- Elevated Creatine kinase
- The increase of red blood cells with high concentration of haemoglobin
- Carcinogenesis/ initial phase of cancer in various sites of the body including: colon, lungs, rectum, urinary tract, prostate, thyroid, oral cavity, pharynx, skin and female reproductive organs
- Other implications of low levels of selenium have been linked with sudden infant death syndrome, multiple sclerosis, schizophrenia and endemic goitre

Chromium benefits:
- Enlarges receptor binding, stabilizing glucose levels
- Essential element in the glucose tolerance factor
- Excellent aid in energy production
Symptoms of Chromium deficiency:
- Insulin resistance and diabetes
- Fatigue
- Anxiety
Contraindications of selenium use:
The use of Iron supplementation and fibre can inhibit Chromium absorption. The use of antacids with chromium can inhibit the proper absorption of chromium into the body

The phytonutrient compounds of the wild and edible plant are extensive and are loaded with essential chlorophyll and magnesium. However the roots and fruits have been shown as containing toxic compounds, the edible part of the plant is not to be confused with these sections.

Commonly used as a tea in southern India, used very commonly for the treatment of jaundice and psoriasis. It is also a very potent Anti-oxidant and Anti-inflammatory agent, analgesic and also known for its abilities to reduce fever.
A very plant based rich source of calcium!

A great source of Zinc, vitamin C, carotenoids and B complex vitamins. Guava is well known for its Anti-oxidant status, its benefits for the immune system and anti-inflammatory properties.

- Excellent relief of gut discomfort
- Support of the immune system
- Aids in the reduction of coughs and colds
- Amazing anti-oxidant and Anti-inflammatory properties
- High natural levels of B – Vitamins

Lemon peels are high in volatile oils and carotenoids due to the high oil content of the peel. Water extraction from the peels contain high amounts of naturally occurring B – Vitamins!

This ingredient contains high concentrations of Biotin and Biotin has many natural benefits including being essential for metabolism, digestive, cardiovascular and nerve health. It also plays a massive role in keeping us youthful with the growth and repair of hair, skin and nails.


This ingredient contains the adequate levels of chromium needed daily to upkeep glucose tolerance factor and enhance receptor binding activity.
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